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We believe that our nation is on the cusp of a revival that we have not seen in generations. Revival begins with the church of Jesus Christ praying fervently for a great move of the Holy Spirit. This site is dedicated to guiding the people of God in prayer for our city, state, nation and church. We are beginning by asking everyone to pray each Saturday night for a great move of the Holy Spirit the following Sunday morning. Click on the link at the bottom of this page to receive weekly e-mails with prayers to guide you and your family.

Saturday Prayer – We Want to Desire Your Presence

Father,  What a privilege it is to bring our requests to you, knowing that you not only hear every one but that you also delight in us.  It is beyond comprehension, and Father we are so grateful!  We ask that you would reveal Your heart to us and ignite a hunger to see You move in new and fresh ways.  We want to desire your presence as much as you desire to pour it out!  Holy Spirit, give us a new revelation of who You are and who we are in You.  May we be quick to confess our sins and forgive one another, demonstrating love to a world that is desperately looking for it.    Holy Spirit move in our hearts in preparation for tomorrow.  We wait in eager anticipation for You!

Saturday Prayer – Today we Humble Ourselves

We are Your people, Lord. We are called by Your name. Today we humble ourselves and pray. We come before You with praise and thanksgiving. We praise You that You care for us; You know the number of hairs on our heads and You keep our tears in a bottle. You care deeply about every aspect of our lives. Today, Lord, we ask You to pour out Your power on Your church. Let every person have a very real encounter with Your Holy Spirit. Draw in those people today who need your salvation, healing, and love. We want to see You. We want to hear Your voice. We want to feel You move among us. We want more of You today than we have ever had before. Move in us in an awesome way today. Move in the service tomorrow, through the worship and the Word, wake us up from our slumber. We want nothing less than Your best and all You have for us today, Lord.
“O Lord, hear! O Lord, forgive! O Lord, listen and take action! For Thine own sake, O my God, do not delay, because Thy city and Thy people are called by Thy name.” Dan. 9:19
Written by Shannon Carroll

Saturday Prayer – Teach us to Pray

We don’t know how to pray as we should and ask that You would teach us to pray.
Teach us to pray Your will and not ours. We desire to hear Your heart, Your desires, and Your purposes.
Teach us to pray with Your passion. Holy Spirit, we ask you to thrill our hearts with your holy fire and ignite our lives for Your glory.
Teach us to pray with Your power. Fall on us, O Spirit of God! Fall on us with revival and awakening!
Teach us to pray with Your tears. You said that Your own heart and all Your compassions were kindled for this broken world. O Father, do the same in us!

We ask You to move in power and with fire in our service tomorrow. We ask You to move in us and use us for Your purposes in this broken world.
Come in Your glory, Holy Spirit. We submit to You and You alone.

Saturday Prayer – Forgive us for Being Distracted

Father, thank you for your faithfulness in our lives, I am grateful that Your grace and mercy are new every morning.  Forgive us for being distracted by so many things and not always putting You first. Holy Spirit move in the heart of Your people, transforming us more to your image.  Stir up a passion in our heart  for the lost, show us those divine appointments that you have for us to express Your love to a hurting world around us.  Draw those here to church tomorrow who need salvation, healing, encouragement and fellowship. I pray that their hearts would be open and their spirit receptive to You, Holy Spirit.  I pray for all that will go on in the service tomorrow, that hearts will be softened through worship and ready to receive Your Word, that lives would be transformed for Your kingdom.  Holy Spirit come, fall fresh on us we pray, give us wisdom and direction for this next year as we surrender our lives to you.

Saturday Prayer – We Glorify Your Name

Oh Father who’s in Heaven, we glorify your name. We pray for a strong working of your hand, to come and heal the broken, misguided, and afflicted hearts of those who you draw in. Give us all ears to hear. Grant us wisdom and knowledge in your ways and will. Allow peace and joy to enter your house through the worship we engage in. Let us turn to you, letting all of our cares and worries go from the world and embrace your presence. You are a good father. We thank you for all that you give us, but more for all that you do within us. Set up divine appointments, bringing people love and hope in you. We ask that the Holy Spirit send a great word to our pastor, filling your people with your Spirit. Peel the callouses from hearts, remove the hardness, make a way for the seed of your word to set in good soil. Bring a message that will impact lives. You are the master of this house, use us as vessels of honor. We live for your glory and know that you are in full control. In Jesus name we pray. Amen

Saturday Prayer – We Come Before You

Lord we come before You, humbled by the grace You continue to pour out for us. I pray that we would never lose sight of the sufficiency of the cross in making a way for us to come before You. I pray as we encounter hurting people that they would be drawn to the peace they see in us as we stand confident of Your love and plan for us. As we look to Sunday I ask that You would draw those in need of peace and in need of Your grace. Holy Spirit, as You draw those, I ask that You would open our eyes to see their need that we might minister to them the way You have ministered to us. We lift up the worship and pray that it would not just honor You but that it would also be as water to thirsty souls. We ask that as Your word is preached, that it would accomplish in hearts the purpose You gave it for. Finally Holy Spirit, we pray for an outpouring of Your power in all of us and the boldness to accomplish Your plan in our lives.  In the name of Your Son, Jesus Christ, Amen.

Saturday prayer – Occupy our Lives

Lord, we pray for Your presence in our service tomorrow. We do not want to do anything if it is not about You.  We pray that as we cry out to You in prayer and worship that You meet us where we are at, and that the service be a time of connection with You. As we leave and go about the rest of our day and week I pray that we do not sever the connection we have made with You.  Occupy our lives, Lord,  and make it crystal clear to us as to what You have called us to. I pray for Christians around the world.  As the global church prepares to worship You in services in every land, I pray for Your protection over those who seek after You in places where there is persecution. As we come together and worship You in comfort, I pray that we do not forget those who come to worship You in the midst of real danger. Lord, we pray for the lost. That they hear Your voice in whatever they find themselves doing tomorrow. We pray they things in Your Son Jesus’ name.

Saturday Prayer – You are the Mighty One

Jesus you are the Mighty One who saves us. You are the God who fights for us. We are not alone. Come, Jesus, come. Fill this place with your Spirit. Show us your face. Let your holy fire consume us leaving the best of us that reflect You alone. Pour out your Spirit on our service. Prepare hearts to receive from you and be changed forever. Let heaven come down.

Saturday Prayer – We Rejoice


We wait with so much anticipation for tomorrow.  This whole week we have been reminded of the sacrifice that Your Son, Jesus, made for us on the cross. The penalty that we completely deserved to bear You bore for us. We simply stand in awe of You, for mere words cannot begin to express how incredibly thankful we are. You knew what our lives would look like, yet You decided to pay the ultimate price anyway. Thank you, Jesus!

But tomorrow we rejoice. We rejoice because You were not just another martyr. We rejoice because when You said “it is finished,” You meant it. We rejoice in an empty tomb. We rejoice that in Your perfect sacrifice You have torn the veil once and for all so that we will no longer be separated from You. But Lord, there are so many who will be in our midst tomorrow who have not accepted this gift that you so freely offer. Holy Spirit, woo them to You. Convict them of sin and show them that You are the way, the truth, and the life. There are many who will be with us tomorrow who have had seeds sown into their lives for years, and we desire to see a great harvest.

Come, Holy Spirit.  Your will be done.

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