Lord, we pray for Your presence in our service tomorrow. We do not want to do anything if it is not about You.  We pray that as we cry out to You in prayer and worship that You meet us where we are at, and that the service be a time of connection with You. As we leave and go about the rest of our day and week I pray that we do not sever the connection we have made with You.  Occupy our lives, Lord,  and make it crystal clear to us as to what You have called us to. I pray for Christians around the world.  As the global church prepares to worship You in services in every land, I pray for Your protection over those who seek after You in places where there is persecution. As we come together and worship You in comfort, I pray that we do not forget those who come to worship You in the midst of real danger. Lord, we pray for the lost. That they hear Your voice in whatever they find themselves doing tomorrow. We pray they things in Your Son Jesus’ name.