We are so incredibly grieved by the horrible accident that took the lives of 13 men and women from First Baptist Church here in New Braunfels. It’s difficult for us to understand these things, so instead of trying to understand, we just surrender to You. We ask, Father, that you be with the families of those who are now with You. Holy Spirit, be their comforter. Our hearts break for those who loved them, but we are grateful that You have prepared a place for them that they can now enjoy for eternity. We also pray for First Baptist as they grieve over the loss of so many¬†members of their family. Be with their Pastor and staff as they comfort their congregation and give them time to mourn.

In times like these our only choice is to look to You, so we do just that. We join in solidarity today as the Body of Christ, for when one member hurts, we all hurt.

Be with our brothers and sisters.

In Jesus Name, Amen.