Today we pray for two parts of the vision you’ve given to us as a church. First of all, we pray, as we always do, for Sunday morning. we ask, Lord God, that those who feel far from you will find themselves within Your embrace once more. We also ask that those who don’t know you at all would walk through those doors and would immediately feel Your presence. Our one desire is that more people would come to know You.

We also ask that You would move mightily tonight at the youth Take Back rally. We thank You that there will be many kids there who do not know You. Holy Spirit, woo them to You. Let this be the beginning of a movement of a new generation rising up to take back our culture, schools and families for You. I pray for Jarrod and the rest of the leadership team. Give them energy, fresh vision for what they are doing, and confidence that this is exactly what You have ordained for this time. Bless the work of their hands.

We love you Jesus,