Today we pause to remember and rejoice at the moment that our despair turned into hope. The moment that You, knowing our sin and knowing our shortcomings, sent your Son into this world, as a baby and in the most humble of conditions, to live the life we could never live and to pay the penalty that only we deserved to pay.

Lord, today has become so much about presents, food, and lights, yet we stop right now to remember what today is really about. It is the day that Hope was born. It’s the day that were it to never have come, we would still be waiting as so many did before for the Messiah. The only thing we still wait for is Your return, yet until then, we long for today to be a turning point in peoples lives across our city. In the midst of the fun, we ask that You, Holy Spirit, touch hearts and save souls.

Remind those who are lost what today is really about. Reveal to them the immense love that you have for Your people.