This weekend we are all reminded of our fathers.  Lord, we are grateful for men who have stepped up and accepted the calling placed on their lives to lead their children well.  We ask a blessing over them as we take time out to honor them.  But Lord, for so many this weekend is a reminder of the void that exists in our lives because of absent fathers.  I ask, Holy Spirit, that you would comfort those this weekend who still have unhealed wounds from absent fathers.  But despite our earthly fathers, this weekend is a reminder that we have a perfect Father in You.  Thank you, Abba, for loving us as much as you do.  Thank you that, although people will fail us, You never will.  Because I have experienced how great of a Father You are, it grieves me to know that many in our community do not know You as Father.  Lord, I ask that all over our city tomorrow people would encounter You as their loving Father.  I ask that those who do not know You would come to know You and those who are prodigals would come back home to a Daddy who has missed them so.

We love you, Abba!