We wait with so much anticipation for tomorrow.  This whole week we have been reminded of the sacrifice that Your Son, Jesus, made for us on the cross. The penalty that we completely deserved to bear You bore for us. We simply stand in awe of You, for mere words cannot begin to express how incredibly thankful we are. You knew what our lives would look like, yet You decided to pay the ultimate price anyway. Thank you, Jesus!

But tomorrow we rejoice. We rejoice because You were not just another martyr. We rejoice because when You said “it is finished,” You meant it. We rejoice in an empty tomb. We rejoice that in Your perfect sacrifice You have torn the veil once and for all so that we will no longer be separated from You. But Lord, there are so many who will be in our midst tomorrow who have not accepted this gift that you so freely offer. Holy Spirit, woo them to You. Convict them of sin and show them that You are the way, the truth, and the life. There are many who will be with us tomorrow who have had seeds sown into their lives for years, and we desire to see a great harvest.

Come, Holy Spirit.  Your will be done.