Lord we come before You, humbled by the grace You continue to pour out for us. I pray that we would never lose sight of the sufficiency of the cross in making a way for us to come before You. I pray as we encounter hurting people that they would be drawn to the peace they see in us as we stand confident of Your love and plan for us. As we look to Sunday I ask that You would draw those in need of peace and in need of Your grace. Holy Spirit, as You draw those, I ask that You would open our eyes to see their need that we might minister to them the way You have ministered to us. We lift up the worship and pray that it would not just honor You but that it would also be as water to thirsty souls. We ask that as Your word is preached, that it would accomplish in hearts the purpose You gave it for. Finally Holy Spirit, we pray for an outpouring of Your power in all of us and the boldness to accomplish Your plan in our lives.  In the name of Your Son, Jesus Christ, Amen.