Oh Father who’s in Heaven, we glorify your name. We pray for a strong working of your hand, to come and heal the broken, misguided, and afflicted hearts of those who you draw in. Give us all ears to hear. Grant us wisdom and knowledge in your ways and will. Allow peace and joy to enter your house through the worship we engage in. Let us turn to you, letting all of our cares and worries go from the world and embrace your presence. You are a good father. We thank you for all that you give us, but more for all that you do within us. Set up divine appointments, bringing people love and hope in you. We ask that the Holy Spirit send a great word to our pastor, filling your people with your Spirit. Peel the callouses from hearts, remove the hardness, make a way for the seed of your word to set in good soil. Bring a message that will impact lives. You are the master of this house, use us as vessels of honor. We live for your glory and know that you are in full control. In Jesus name we pray. Amen