Father, you are faithful and loving. There is none like you and no one is above you.  We come to you with thanksgiving for all that you’ve done and with hopeful anticipation of all that you will do in lives tomorrow. We give you our trust and ask that you do immeasurably more than we can imagine. We ask, Holy Spirit, that you move in a way that sets the tone for our service tomorrow. Do what only you can do. You have full authority in our service- in our hearts, in our minds, in the words that are spoken. All power belongs to you. We give you our adoration and praise, trusting that you will do a mighty work that changes lives and sets the captives free. Make our hearts ready tonight for all that you’re going to do tomorrow. Make us hunger for your truth. Help us to hear the words you speak and allow them to sink deep into our hearts. We desire to encounter you- the living God- more than anything else because we know that is what truly changes us.  In Jesus name, Amen