Father, forgive us for allowing over 57 million babies to be killed in the womb through abortion, especially when we have allowed Animal Care Services to have ”Animal No Kill Policies” all across our country whose policy is not to destroy or euthanize the life of any healthy or adoptable “ANIMAL”.

Lord, forgive us for not taking a stance against Planned Parenthood. WE have given them the license to kill babies rather than make adoption easier and affordable to the hundreds of thousand of couples who are facing infertility; yet desperately desiring to have a child to love, hold in their arms and to raise in Your ways.

Father, we’ve gone astray, so far astray from Your ways but we return, we return to You!

Help our hearts to return to Your ways. We humble ourselves and we repent from our wicked deeds, our wicked mind sets and our wicked ways!!

Psalm 139:13-16

Jeremiah 1:5